Ways to Clean Computer Equipment

13 April 2017
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If you own an office business and currently handle all the cleaning duties yourself, you may feel overwhelmed with these tasks. Not only is it hard to keep an office complex clean, but there might be duties you are not good at completing. An example of this is the computer equipment in your offices. Keeping your computer equipment clean is important for many reasons, but it is not an easy task to do. Read More 

Efficient Warehousing - Keep Your Work Space Clean

29 March 2017
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Warehouses and stock rooms are not necessarily the cleanest working environments. All too often, a spilt pallet or dropped storage bin is dealt with hastily, leaving some debris or staining in place. In cases where fluids are spilled, there can be a serious health and safety implication if the floor becomes slippery. It is essential for an efficiently run warehouse operation to be kept clean at all times. The problem many warehouse and stock room managers face is that the amount of stock they need to have in storage at any one time prevents the very access cleaners need. Read More 

Two Changes To Make To Your Workplace Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

14 March 2017
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As an employer who is considering hiring a cleaning service for their office, it is quite obvious the benefits obtained from having your premises cleaned on a regular basis. A clean office presents itself in a professional manner and reduces the amount of illness spread among the staff. Unlike some people who always used to clean the house before the cleaner arrived for fear of making a bad impression, you do not need to give the office a full clean before the cleaning service begins. Read More 

3 Reasons Your Office Carpet Should Be Cleaned by a Commercial Cleaning Company

9 March 2017
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Having your office cleaned on a regular basis is important to maintain the positive image of your company and to keep your staff members happy. Of course, there are several areas of the modern office that demand special attention, and the floor is one of them, especially if you have carpets. Here are just three reasons to ensure that your office's carpet is professionally cleaned on a regular basis. 1. Uses Proper Equipment and Expertise Read More 

What to Ask a Rubbish Removal Company

1 March 2017
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When you manage an apartment complex or office building of any sort, you may not be thinking of the rubbish bin you hire, assuming they're all alike. However, the wrong bin or one that is always overflowing is a danger to your property, as it can attract rodents and other unwelcome visitors. It can also pose a health hazard, invite potential prowlers to the area, and make your property look very unsafe. Read More